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  • Furniture is an integral part of decor and functionality in residential, commercial and leisure spaces.
  • Manufacturers, Traders and Importers of furniture products, components and accessories are all essential parts of furniture industry who cater to the ever increasing demand in the market.
  • AFMT is a common platform to voice the competence and capabilities of its family members and create a conducive business environment with professional knowledge.
  • AFMT came into existence in Nov. 2008 as a nonprofitable national industry association.
  • To put best foot forward to garner local market support and develop relations with international market.
  • It will adhere to progressive ideology for raising the overall bar of Indian furniture industry.


  • AFMT's expertise will be focused to enhance the business opportunities offered to furniture industry.
  • To showcase various brands of all the states and territories of India under one roof of AFMT to attract both Indian and International market players.
  • AFMT family will adhere to the highest ethical business standards and strategies.
  • AFMT envisions building a huge pool of talent, natural resources and manpower to raise the Indian furniture industry to an international level.


  • To create a panel of experts on relevant topics like changing rules & regulations, budgetary changes, taxes & levies, import licensing & other topics of utmost concern to the furniture industry.
  • To collectively voice concerns of the Furniture Industry to the government bodies related to tax & levies, imports & other areas of concern.
  • Effective technology and information transfer through collaborations & joint ventures.
  • Exposure of highly talented individuals and groups to display their talent for the benefit of the industry.
  • An annual event to recognise individuals / organisations for their exemplary contribution during every ongoing year for the growth & contribution of the industry.
  • Inviting delegations from other countries to visit India for sharing their experiences & trade in view of the ever changing trend of global market.
  • Seminars and workshops pertaining to 'Product design and development' as additional support to the industry.
  • Implementation of a testing facility for standardisation of the product/component to meet international standards.
  • Awareness of eco-friendly conservation of scarce national resources such as recycled materials or recovered wood.
  • Caring for eco-friendliness AFMT will help the Indian Furniture Industry emerge with a new 'Go Green Movement' expected to rule the world by 2010.
  • AFMT is committed to Social Responsibility and will care and help people in need.

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